Automotive Window Tint Laws by State

All automobiles must follow state window tinting regulations in order to qualify for our lifetime warranties.

The listing below is organized by state. Each state has it's own VLT (visible light transmission) tinting regulation so before you buy we recommend that you consult your local state authority. Only buy window tint that meets with your local VLT regulations; your current state law is your final authority. This information was provided by the International Window Film Association IWFA).

Window Tinting Laws by State Regulations

This information is prepared for IWFA members by the Legislative Committee and consultants and represents our understanding of the law, regulations and rules of the states published in it. If you are an IWFA member and you have questions on these intepretations, call the IWFA office. In all cases, refer to your local authority for current laws, rules or regulations. Your current state law is the final authority.

* Medical exemption day time only
** Pick-up trucks are not considered MPV’s
*** Above AS1 only
**** V – “exemption for vans and pickups (50% with SUV replacement at factory level only”

NET = VLT% refers to the combined light transmission of film and glass

Reflectivity: Colors:
NR = not regulated R = red
NE = not excessive (not specific) A = amber
MBNR = must be non-reflective (not specific) Y = yellow
MNIR = must not increase reflectivity B = blue
NMMN = no metallic or mirrored appearance G = gold
None = no reference to reflectivity in the current law BK = black
  N/S = not specified